Sparky is Aabie Ryan.   Bear is Brian West.

Sparky & Bear brings the world of free e-learning courses to Indonesians with & without internet.  Our focus is on making the widely dispersed content easily accessible to Indonesian teachers via linking content to the National Curriculum and intelligently packaging content for inexpensive off-line servers & USB sticks.  We hope to spark an active community of teachers who will share lesson plans, advice and content.

Stages: (1) Online portal to aggregate the free content, engage teachers & manage translation efforts; (2) Offline server packages of that content; (3) Travelling teachers to help schools & community groups get started with e-learning and tech education.

We are at the formation stage.  Online e-learning is growing rapidly and readily accessible to English speakers but free Indonesian-language content is harder to find.  Offline educational servers have proved successful in other countries (ex. http://worldpossible.org) but are rare in Indonesia.  The increased availability and reliability of inexpensive offline WiFi servers plus the expansion of freely distributable Creative Commons licensed materials & Open Education Resources (OER) that have facilitated translation/localization (via https://crowdin.com/) makes this a good time to develop this project.

Sparky & Bear Homeschool is the extracurricular educational activities that we do with our family.


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